Volunteer Registration - Account Creation

Create a user account using your email address and a secure password, then indicate if you intend to register a volunteer profile for yourself or for someone else. Additional volunteer profiles can be added to your account after you’ve completed the signup process.

What is the purpose of this registry?

Participation in the research volunteer registry may benefit you if you are interested in participating in upcoming research studies. The registry will collect and maintain information about you so that we may contact you for future research studies when we have them at the University of Pennsylvania based on the information you give us. We may be able to partially determine whether you are eligible for a research study, when one is available.

Confidentiality this volunteer registry provides: Show More

  • Information you provide for the registry will be kept on a highly secured server at Penn Medicine.
  • Only authorized Penn Medicine Health staff will be able to access your information.
  • Your name and any other information you provide will not be shared with unauthorized person(s).
  • The information in this registry may be reviewed by members of the Institutional Review Board or regulators from the federal Food and Drug Administration, to ensure that it meets federal and state patient safety and privacy regulations.
  • Your participation in the volunteer registry is entirely voluntary. The information you provide for the registry will be kept indefinitely.
  • However, if you decide you are no longer interested in being contacted for future studies, you may withdraw your participation at any time by either of the following means:
    • Call the Office of Clinical Research- 215-662-4484
    • Email the recruitment team at psom-ocr@pobox.upenn.edu
  • If you choose to withdraw your participation, you will be removed from the pool of people whom we may contact and your withdrawal will have no effect on your status as a University of Pennsylvania patient, employee, student, or volunteer.
  • Please note that compensation varies by study, this information will be provided to you only if you are eligible for a study and choose to take part in it.

What are the possible risks of being part of this registry?

The registry will help us decide whether to contact you about studies that may be of interest to you. Please note that you might not receive a benefit from participation. It is possible that there may not be a research study available at the University of Pennsylvania that you will be eligible for, or there may not be a study that you are interested in participating in.
There will be no immediate medical action or follow-up to any reported issues based on the information shared during signing up for this registry. We discourage you from filling out information not requested as part of the registration.
Maintaining the safety and security of your information is our top priority and every effort will be made to keep your information confidential, but we cannot make a guarantee against potential breaches of electronic information. Your personal information may be given out if required by law.

After reading this information, are you willing to sign up for this registry?