General Screening Protocol for Affected and Unaffected Participants in Studies of Alcohol Use Disorder.

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Study Overview

The goal is to conduct a screening procedure to be used in evaluating individuals either with or without an alcohol use disorder (AUD) to determine whether it is safe and appropriate for them to participate in a clinical trial, imaging study, genetic study, or other research protocol that matches their interests and eligibility. Our goal is to enroll up to 500 people in each group or a total of 1000 people.

Study Description

Participants will be asked to complete a single phone interview asking questions about their medical history, mood, current use of alcohol and drugs and other questions to determine eligibility for a research study. Based on responses, staff will inform them of the research study that is a good fit for them. Staff will provide with a basic overview of the study and if interested, they will book them for the first study visit. Staff provide contact information for the scheduled study visit. If staff determine that we have no studies that would be suitable, we will maintain the collected information for 12 months.

  • Study Identifier: 853084

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