FERMIN - Trial of Fenofibrate Therapy in Patients with COVID-19

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Study Overview

*UPDATE* This trial concluded enrollment on February 27, 2022.

This is a multi-center, blinded and randomized controlled trial of fenofibrate therapy in patients with COVID-19. The aim of this trial is to assess the clinical impact of fenofibrate to improve clinical outcomes in patients with COVID-19.

Study Description

Fenofibrate has been shown to inhibit the growth of the virus that causes COVID-19 in a cell culture but we do not know if this effect will prove to be beneficial in patients with COVID-19. Since we don’t know whether this medication can be beneficial or harmful our goal is to look at the effect of taking a short course (10 days) of fenofibrate.

Participants that agree to join the study will be asked to take one to two capsules per day for 10 days (depending on kidney function). Each capsule will contain fenofibrate or placebo. Because we do not know whether it is better to take or not to take this medication in patients with COVID-19, we need to compare both options. To do this, the research team will assign people in this research study to one of two groups by random chance, similar to a coin toss. All other care for COVID-19 will be normal medical care determined by your treating team. Your participation in this study will last 30 days.

The most common adverse reactions of fenofibrate include abnormal liver, kidney or muscle function tests and rhinitis (nose inflammation, similar to a cold).

  • Study Identifier: 843729

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