Edema and Fibrosis CMR imaging in NICM

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The Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Research Group at the University of Pennsylvania is conducting research to better characterize the heart muscle. 

We are recruiting 18-70 year old healthy volunteers who are NOT taking medications regularly to perform a cardiac or heart MRI. Exceptions are medications taken as needed for allergies, non-prescription pain meds (e.g. Tylenol or Advil), and birth control. We cannot image people with metal implants. 
The MRI will take about 1 hour of your time in Philadelphia. There will be a blood draw. We'll also inject a contrast agent. You cannot take a sedative before our MRI. Note: an MRI does NOT expose you to radiation.

Additional Information:

Our study will compensate participants $100 for contrast-enhanced MRI or $75 for non-contrast MRI. 

  • Study Identifier: 815442

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