The Human Biomolecular Atlas Program (HuBMAP): Multi-scale Molecular Mapping of the Female Reproductive System

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Study Overview

The research study is being conducted to create a 3D map of the female reproduction system at a cellular level. If you agree to join the study, you will be asked to provide up to 6 blood and up to 6 endometrial biopsy samples. If you participate in the optional sub-study, you will undergo an MRI of your abdomen and pelvis.

Your participation will be for up to 6 months. Your samples will be stored indefinitely. There are very few risks of an endometrial biopsy. The leading risk are pain or cramping and bleeding. You will not directly benefit from this research.

You will receive $200 following each clinical visit (at which endometrial sampling will be performed) as compensation for your time and travel expenses. As we are collecting endometrium at six different time points, if you choose to participate 6 times, the maximum compensation you could obtain for endometrial biopsy visits is $1200. Only one biopsy can be done each month.

Therefore, participating six times requires participation for 6 months. You will be compensated $100 for participating in the MRI sub-study, if you choose to participate.

  • Study Identifier: 844297

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