Technology for Detection of SARS-Cov-2 in HIV-Positive Cancer Patients

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The main purpose of this study is to try a new type of laboratory test for COVID-19 (also called SARS-CoV-2 or novel coronavirus).  COVID-19 is a new disease, so not enough is known about it yet.  This study hopes to collect more information about who is most as risk from this disease, how it affects different types of people, and how to test for it.
The current, FDA-authorized COVID-19 testing methods have some limitations, and it is not yet known how accurate (correct) they really are.  There are also not enough of those tests available yet, so not everyone who might have COVID-19 can get tested right away.  The researchers hope that the new lab test we are studying might turn out to be as good as or better than the current tests.  If so, this could help more people get tested for the disease sooner, which could give them a better chance of getting treated for it sooner, not getting as sick, and/or keep the disease from spreading to as many other people. 
This study is also looking at who might be most at risk for serious complications and/or death from COVID-19.  For example, it may be that people who already have other illnesses such as HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), cancer, or other infections may be more likely to get very sick if they also get COVID-19.  To check for some such infections, we will take mucus samples from each person’s nose and mouth.  To compare how COVID-19 affects different groups of people, we will include in this study:
·      people who have HIV
·      people who have cancer
·      people who have both HIV and cancer
·      people who do not have HIV or cancer 
Another goal of this study is to figure out how a person’s immune system responds to COVID-19.  Some clues to changes in the immune system can be found in blood.  We will look for these clues in the blood sample we collect from you.

  • Study Identifier: 843028

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