Phase 1 Study of Convalescent Plasma for Severely ill Mechanically Ventilated Participants with COVID-19 Caused by SARS-CoV-2

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Study Overview

Only patients admitted to the hospital and on a ventilator for treatment of COVID-19 are eligible to participate.
The purpose of this study is to develop a possible new treatment for COVID-19 disease which uses antibodies against this virus. Antibodies are natural proteins made by the body that attack viruses and other germs. These antibodies are found in plasma, the yellow, clear part of the blood. There have been other studies using plasma to treat other types of viruses that showed some positive results.

Study Description

We have collected plasma from people who had COVID-19 infection (convalescent) and that we expect to have high levels of the antibodies against this virus. In this study, we will transfuse this high antibody plasma or convalescent plasma into people currently infected with the virus that caused COVID-19 disease. 

We want to see if the plasma with antibodies helps people with COVID-19 improve. The plasma is given in addition to standard medications and treatment for your infection. 

The purpose of this study is to see if this plasma can be safely used in humans with COVID-19 and to see if it can improve patients’ health when they are sick with COVID-19.

  • Study Identifier: 842996

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