Plasmapheresis Donor Registry for Patients Recovered from Confirmed COVID-19

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We are extremely grateful for the large interest in plasma donation. The research team is working hard to review all requests sent in, and reaching out to every person individually. We are temporarily closing direct requests. We hope to know soon if we are in need of more donors. Please check back in for updates. Thanks for your patience.

Penn Medicine is seeking plasma donation from eligible healthy volunteers for a research study. Interested volunteers must have recovered from a COVID-19 positive diagnosis (made by collection of a swab of the nose or throat).
The purpose of this step is to identify people who are interested in donating plasma for a planned clinical research study that will test how currently hospitalized COVID-19 patients respond to receiving plasma as an investigational treatment.

Please fill out the Prescreener below to check if you qualify. Final eligibility for plasma donation is dependent on the review of lab tests and medical records, done by the research team.
PLEASE NOTE: If you already have a positive test for COVID-19, our study team will schedule you for a plasma donation after 28 days have elapsed since the date of your last symptom. If you did not have a positive test for COVID-19, then you may qualify for plasma donation if you currently have a positive COVID-19 antibody test. Our study team will contact you when an antibody test becomes available.

  • Study Identifier: 842858

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