Towards predicting the analgesic response to ibuprofen following third-molar extraction

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Study Overview

NSAIDs like ibuprofen are pain relievers that are commonly used to reduce pain after dental procedures. 
Patients who have their impacted third molar teeth taken out usually experience pain one to three hours after surgery and require pain relievers for at least 2 days. Most people (about 70-90%) experience good to excellent relief of their pain when they take ibuprofen. However, some patients experience only limited pain relief with ibuprofen, and a few experience no pain relief at all. These patients need a different type of pain reliever added to their regimen. The purpose of this study is to see if there are substances in your blood and urine which we will take both before and after your wisdom teeth surgery that can tell us how you personally will respond to ibuprofen in comparison to placebo (an inactive sugar pill). We will also study how well ibuprofen combined with acetaminophen  works for up to 7 days after surgery.

Study Description

There are 4 study visits:
1) Screening - patients read and sign informed consent, urine and blood sample are taken, fill out questionnaire about mood and pain expectations.
2) Surgery - Swab of mouth to collect bacteria, urine and blood sample taken prior to surgery. Have surgery performed standard of care, receive study medication (ibuprofen 400 mg or placebo), multiple urine and blood samples (through indwelling catheter) taken, pain assessments taken, discharged with ibuprofen 400mg/acetaminophen500mg taken q4h and oxycodone 5mg if needed
3) 24 Hour Follow-up - Return visit with a single blood and urine sample
4) Day 7 Follow-up - Return visit with a single blood and urine sample

Additional Information:

If you are interested in participating in this study or would like more information, please complete the form below or call Stacey Secreto in the Oral Surgery and Pharmacology Research Unit at 215-746-8871.

  • Study Identifier: 832417

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