Electrogram Guided Myocardial Advanced Phenotyping (EMAP) Study for patients recently diagnosed with cardiomyopathy

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Study Overview

This study is enrolling newly diagnosed heart failure (within 6 months from diagnosis) patients with no known cause for their heart disease. We are utilizing already used technology, voltage mapping capabilities used in electrophysiology procedures, to more directly target weaker areas of the left and right ventricles. our physicians would biopsy the places the mapping technology guides us, and our goal is to understand the potential benefit in yield of this technique.

Study Description

patients will undergo a clinically indicated biopsy, and during this procedure we would biopsy the patient's heart tissue the standard way as well as the voltage mapping pathway. study subjects would get a clinical read from some of the tissue samples, and some will be banked for later analysis. We will follow patients clinically at three months for outcomes. 

Additional Information:

please contact Todd Nicklas at 215-662-4214 for more information. 

  • Study Identifier: 826102

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