Treatments Against Rheumatoid Arthritis and Effect on FDG PET-CT: TARGET

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Study Overview

The study aims to compare the effect of 2 different RA treatments on cardiovascular health in patients who are considering a treatment change. The study is recruiting patients who are only taking methotrexate and are switching treatment due to a lack of improvement. The trial will randomize participants to take a TNF inhibitor (Enbrel or Humira) in addition to their Methotrexate or to take Triple Therapy (Methotrexate + Sulfasalazine + Hydroxychloroquine). The study will provide you with all trial medications (excluding Methotrexate) for the 6 month duration of the study.  Study involvement requires 2 FDG-PET/CT scans and 6 follow-up visits over a period of 6 months.

Study Description

A typical study visit includes fasting blood work, questionnaires, a physical exam, and a joint count. FDG-PET/CT visits require fasting.
•Visit 1 – Screening
•Baseline FDG-PET/CT
•Visit 2 – Baseline, Week 0
•Visit 3 – Week 6
•Visit 4 – Week 12
•Visit 5 – Week 18
•Follow-up FDG-PET/CT
•Visit 6 – Week 24

Additional Information:

Participants will receive $50 per study visit ($350 total) and free RA medication (excluding methotrexate) for the duration of the trial. 

  • Study Identifier: 828509

Recruitment Status


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