Depression & Attention

Brief Description Of Study

The primary purpose of this pilot research study is to assess the efficacy of neurofeedback training in relation to depressive symptoms. We also hope to learn more about the neural processes that allow these changes to occur. We will be enrolling 16 individuals with symptoms of depression and 16 without depression. We are enrolling individuals (1) with or without depression, (2) willing to stop psychiatric treatment or untreated (3) fluent in English (4) right-handed.

Detailed Study Description

There will be 7 total study visits. If you choose to participate in this study, you will be asked to attend 5 study visits over the course of approximately 1-2 weeks, 1 follow up visit a month later, and a remote (via phone or computer) visit 3 months later. You will be asked to complete the following: Interviews regarding mental health and medical history, as well as your current thoughts, feelings, and behaviors fMRI Scans – fMRI or “functional magnetic resonance imaging” scans require you to lay still in a large machine which will measure your brain activity by taking a series of pictures. You will be asked to complete some attentional tasks while you are in the fMRI scanner, in which you will be viewing various images and ask to answer questions based on these images. All instructions will be provided beforehand. You will complete 2-hour fMRI scans at Visits 2-4. Behavioral Tasks – You will complete these tasks on a computer. You will be viewing various images and be asked to answer questions based on these images. All instructions will be provided beforehand. You will be compensated for your participation.

Additional Information About The Study

IF INTERESTED,COPY-PASTE THIS LINK INTO NEW WINDOW: . TAKE THIS ONLINE SURVEY TO SEE IF YOU QUALIFY. If you would like more information, contact the CNDS at 609-375-8844 or email us at

Clinical Study Identifier: TX5557

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