Visual Restoration for Hemianopia

Brief Description Of Study

This project will collect data to quantify the effect of visual training on visual defects resulting from damage to the primary visual cortex. Subjects will be recruited, undergo baseline visual testing, undergo visual training designed to reduce their visual deficit, and perform post-training visual tests. This research is designed to determine if different visual training treatments are capable of reducing visual defects in a large population of adult subjects with cortical blindness in a double blind clinical trial.

Clinical Study Identifier: TX5554

Detailed Study Description

20 subjects will be recruited, only adults ranging in age between 18 and 75 years of age will be recruited. Subjects will be included in the study regardless of race or ethnic origin. There are scheduled to be 4 visits, a screening and baseline visit 2-4 weeks apart, 28 weeks exposure to treatment or sham computer program, followed by 2 more visits spaced 2-4 weeks apart. The first and last visit will be traditional clinical visits, containing routine eye exams and imaging. The second and third will consist of training on the software used in the study.

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