Risk Evaluation and Education of Alzheimer's Disease - the Study of Communicating Amyloid Neuroimaging

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Study Overview

REVEAL-SCAN is a multi-site study funded by the National Institutes of Health, with support from the Alzheimer’s Association. The purpose of the study is to understand how people respond to learning their risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease dementia. Each participant in REVEAL-SCAN receives a personalized estimate of his or her risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease dementia by the age of 85. This risk is based on current age, race, gender, and family history of Alzheimer’s disease dementia. Participants will have amyloid neuroimaging, also known as an amyloid brain scan, or an amyloid PET scan.

Study Description

Understanding how people respond to learning their risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease (AD) dementia and amyloid PET scan results will help researchers and clinicians more effectively communicate with patients and research participants about AD dementia risk and the role of amyloid. All participants will be followed for 6-7 months after learning their estimated risk of developing AD dementia by age 85. Half of the participants will learn their amyloid scan result along with their risk estimate, and the other half will learn the scan result 7 months later. Participants are randomly assigned to one of these two groups. REVEAL-SCAN is not a treatment study. You will not receive any medication in this study.

Additional Information:

Principal Investigator: Dr. Jason Karlawish, MD. You may be eligible if: 1) You are a healthy adult age 65 to 80 with no memory problems; 2) You have a first-degree relative (parents or sibling) with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease dementia (living or deceased); 3) You have a reliable study partner who can come to an appointment; 4) You must meet research study criteria by answering screening questions; There are approximately 6 or 7 visits over a 9-month period. Participants will be compensated $20 for each visit, $100 for the PET scan visit.

  • Study Identifier: 825741

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