Computer-Assisted Therapy for Depression

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Study Overview

The purpose of this study is to learn more about the treatment success of Computer-augmented Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CCBT) and examine the neural connections of patients with depression via functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) scans.

Computer-augmented Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CCBT) is approved by the FDA as a form of treatment for depression. CCBT is done partly on the computer, and partly with a therapist.  The program relies on the same concepts as normal Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and may help you change the way you think about and approach different situations. Previous research studies have demonstrated that the CCBT treatment offered through this study is comparable to standard CBT in treating depression.

Participation last 8-12 weeks. All participants with depression will complete 1-3 fMRI scans, CCBT treatment, clinical interviews, and self-reported questionnaires. This study provides compensation participants for their time. 

Study Description

All eligible participants will be asked to complete the following: 

1) Clinical interview and self-report questionnaires
2) fMRI scans
3) At-home activity and mood monitoring. 

Participants with depression will receive CCBT and be randomly assigned to one of two study groups: 
1) Early CCBT –  begin CCBT within 0-14 days from Visit #1 and after the completion of the first fMRI scan. Participation in the Early CCBT group lasts approximately 8 weeks.

2) Late CCBT –  start CCBT within 15-28 days from Visit #1 and after completing two fMRI scans - these fMRI scans must be at least 14 days apart from each other. Participation in the Late CCBT group lasts 12 weeks.

Participants without depression will not receive CCBT and participate in 3 study visits over approximately 8 weeks. 

  • Study Identifier: 832295, 826910

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