Computer-Assisted Therapy for Depression

Brief Description Of Study

This study is enrolling 60 individuals with depression and 40 individuals without depression.The purpose of the study is to learn more about computer-augmented cognitive behavioral therapy (CCBT) and to examine connections in the brains of patients with depression. In CCBT, participants with depression will meet with a cognitive behavioral therapist five times over the course of the study. Additionally, you will be asked to complete 8 computer modules that will help you practice the cognitive and behavioral techniques that you discuss with the study therapist. CCBT is approved by the FDA as a form of treatment for depression. Participants without depression will not participate in CCBT. We are seeking participants who are 1) ages of 18-60 years old, with OR without symptoms of depression; 2) who have a smart phone (iPhone or Android) and access to a private computer or electronic tablet.

Clinical Study Identifier: TX4816

Detailed Study Description

This study will enroll participants with and participants without depression. All participants will be asked to complete the following: 1) Clinical interview and self-report questionnaires; 2) MRI scans; and 3) At-home activity and mood monitoring. All participants with depression will receive CCBT. All participants with depression will be randomly assigned to one of two study groups: Immediate CCBT or Waitlist followed by CCBT. If you are in the Immediate CCBT group, your participation will last 10-12 weeks. If you are randomly assigned to the Waitlist followed by CCBT group, your participation will last 14-20 weeks. You will receive CCBT 4-8 weeks after your second visit. Participants without depression will participate in 3 study visits and will be in the study for approximately 8 weeks. Individuals without depression will not receive any CCBT. Compensation for your participation will be provided.

Additional Information About The Study

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