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Biomarkers in Neural Disorders

Brief Description Of Study

This study is looking at ways to identify people with early Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases by sensory testing. We are trying to find out if these tests are able tell apart healthy people, people with PD or AD, and people with other neurological diseases.

Clinical Study Identifier: TX4814

Detailed Study Description

Participating volunteers who have been diagnosed within the last 4 years and who are not smokers, not nursing or pregnant, and do not have a substance abuse problem will take about 3-4 hours of testing. All participants will undergo noninvasive mapping of blink reflexes induced by stimulation. Volunteers with PD and Healthy volunteers will have additional testing after a 45 minute period when you would rest while wearing goggles like very dark sunglasses. After this additional mapping, healthy volunteers and patients with PD will undergo repetitive nerve stimulation. Immediately before the mapping, volunteers will be given tests of smell identification, detection, and memory. There will also be a baseline questionnaire, picture identification test, and a short test of your brain functions.

Additional Information About The Study

If interested please contact The Smell and Taste Center @215-662-6580 and ask for our Research Coordinator, Mark Potter, or email at Feel free to also contact us through iConnect.

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