Influence Of Hormones On The Brain In Smokers With A Regular Menstrual Cycle

Brief Description Of Study

The purpose of our research is to examine the influence of hormonal status on brain responses to smoking cues. Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, will be used to measure brain responses at three distinct time points during your menstrual cycle, across approximately three separate menstrual cycles. An MRI is a painless procedure that does not involve radiation or injections. We are interested in the brain and behavioral responses of women who smoke cigarettes while viewing videos or pictures of a variety of things, including smoking. Participants in the study will be healthy women, between the ages of 18-45, with a normal length menstrual cycle, who smoke cigarettes. We are also looking for participants who are not attempting to get pregnant or quit smoking in the next 4 months. Participants will need to be using a form of birth control that is non-hormonal. This is NOT a QUIT smoking study.

Detailed Study Description

Explanation of Visits/Compensation: This study begins with an initial phone screen so we may give you a brief description of the study, let you know what is expected of you and also to ask you some questions to see if you initially qualify. If you do qualify, you will be scheduled for your first visit. 

For the first visit (Consent, 1hr) we will have you come into our Center located on the University of Penn campus, to review the consent form and explain the study to you in detail. The Consent Visit should take about an hour and we will compensate you $25 for your time and inconvenience, plus $10 for travel. 

Screening Visit: This visit will determine if you are healthy enough, both physically and mentally, for the study. You can expect this visit to take around 2.5 hours and we will compensate you $25 for your time and inconvenience, plus $10 for travel. 

After successfully completing screening, we would schedule you for your baseline visit. At this visit you would complete some initial assessments and we would explain how we would schedule your study visits moving forward. This visit takes around 3 hrs to complete and we will compensate you $25 for your time and inconvenience, plus $10 for travel. 

Following baseline, you will have approximately 7 more study visits. These visits include 3 hormone verification days (blood draw) and 3 test days where you would have an MRI session, complete several questionnaires and complete computerized tasks. For successful completion of each verification visit you would receive $30 as compensation for your time and inconvenience, plus $10 for travel. 

Compensation for successful completion of Test Days (MRI scans) is dependent on completion of earlier scans, but would be as follows: Test Day 1: $100, Test Day 2: $125 and Test Day 3: $150, plus an extra $10 for each for your travel costs. 

 After completion of Test Day 3, you will be scheduled for an end of study visit. At this visit we will assess your readiness to quit smoking, provide you counseling referrals (if you would like them) and pay you for any additional incentives that remain. At this visit you are also eligible for an end of study fishbowl draw where you could earn either $30 or $250. 

Additional Information About The Study

Throughout the course of the 10 visits there are also additional payments/rewards for the study that would be explained more in-depth during your initial study visits. Not including these additional payments/rewards, you could earn up to $930.

Clinical Study Identifier: TX4765

Check to see if you pre-qualify for the study.