Management of Hypertension: Assessing the relationship between body mass and blood pressure.

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An observational trial to see if blood pressure medications work differently based on body weight and distribution of body fat.

Study Description

The purpose of the trial is to assess how different blood pressure medications influence how well someone's blood pressure is controlled throughout the day taking into account weight and distribution of body fat. Patients will have a 24 hour blood pressure monitor placed. The device will measure your BP every 20-30 minutes for 24 hours. You will come back to return the monitor and to get a Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA). this test uses a X-ray to estimate lean and fat tissue in the body.

Additional Information:

You will need to remove any metal jewelry and lie on a table for the DXA scan. You will be exposed to a small amount of radiation from the DXA scan. This scan will take place ay Penn Presbyterian Medical Center. If you are female, you will be given a urine pregnancy test. You will be paid $50 for your participation following return of the 24 hour BP monitor and completion of the DXA scan. The results of the 24 hour blood pressure monitoring and the DXA scan will be shared with you and your doctor.

  • Study Identifier: 825672

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