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Immediate Fit Below And Above Knee Prosthesis Device Testing

Brief Description Of Study

New above and below knee proshetics are being testing on participants with amputation. We are excluding amputees with skin ulcerations, neurological disorders, inability to walk without a walker or crutches, and weight over 260 pounds. The prosthesis will be fit and aligned by the principal investigator. Subjects with the below knee device will return in two weeks to rate the prosthesis and check on the device. They can keep the prosthesis if they like. The above knee prosthesis is in early testing and we are looking for feedback when worn in our lab.

Detailed Study Description

The prosthesis is immediately fit to the patient, and is fully adjustable. Participants will be able to take the device home for two weeks to test it out, then keep it if they like Compensation provided.

Clinical Study Identifier: 815654

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